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Requesting data

The following broad methods of requesting data are available:

  • Webservices: REST-like computer-to-computer data requests over the web
    • Web Service Interfaces
    • Java API : Java Client Access Toolkit for FDSN and IRIS Web Services
    • MATLAB Library : Java Client Access Toolkit for FDSN and IRIS Web Services
    • JWEED : Java UI client allowing users to interactively access data via Web Services
    • Fetch Scripts : Scripts for allowing convenient downloads of data via Web Services
  • Real time Streaming Service:
  • Email-based requests: Send a specially-formatted email. The most popular tools for this are:
    • BREQ_FAST: Batch REQuests, FAST – request gigabytes of SEED data by sending formatted email queries
    • miniSEED : Email to get miniSEED returned
  • Web-based requests: Online form submission
  • Metadata-only: Purely for station and earthquake metadata:
    • Dataless : Request dataless SEED volumes.
    • Metadata Aggregator : An online interface for exploring station metadata.
    • SeismiQuery : A set of pre-formatted database queries that allow users to access data and information stored in the DMC Oracle database.
    • FetchEvent : A Perl script to fetch event metadata via Web Services
    • FetchMetadata : Get station metadata using a Perl script to Web Services
    • IEB : The IRIS Earthquake Browser makes it easy to drill down for earthquakes on a zoom-able map

If you are unsure which method is best for you, please refer to our help pages.

Data availability

We have several types of data available for download:

More information on data formats provided by the IRIS DMC »
More information on restricted data »

Submitting Data

If you wish to contribute data to the IRIS DMC you have several options:

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Data problems