Data Services Newsletter

Volume 12 : No 2 : Fall 2010

rdseed 5.0

Announcing rdseed version 5.0, available for download from IRIS DMC. You can get to the rdseed installer and online manual through the following links:


rdseed is for reading FDSN SEED formatted volumes, enabling conversion of SEED to SAC (binary or ascii), AH, SEGY, CSS, miniSEED or fullSEED. rdseed is available for Mac OS X, Sun Solaris, Linux and other UNIX platforms. rdseed comes pre-built with 64-bit binaries that are ready to run. The source code can still be built as a 32-bit application if necessary.

rdseed v5.0 changes

  • Support for large files. Support for logical record sizes larger than 4k.
  • Large files over 2.8 gigs.
  • Annotated sac poles and zeros
  • Support for blk 201 byte swapping
  • Allow miniseed output when number of samples == 0.
  • Allows for records with just data blockettes to be output
  • miniseed output goes through the code which prunes the samples to the times requested.
  • timecvt.c was changed to allways compute the frac part with decimal places significant, ie: .1 is one tenth of 10000ths or .0100
  • Warning message if ALT_RESPONSE_FILE is being utilized

Bug fixes

  • steim.c – needed fixing as the date calculation didn’t work when spanning year boundaries. ds->xN, ds->x0 need to be swapped back.
  • When using a ALT_RESPONSE_FILE rdseed didn’t check for variable logical record sizes. miniseed output is always 4k

by Chris Laughbon (IRIS Data Management Center)

09:31:18 v.f0c1234e