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How do I get data out of a miniSEED volume?

Are there any IRIS tools or software to help me?


MiniSEED volumes (waveform data records without accompanying station location and instrumentation information) need a dataless SEED volume (metadata headers containing this station information) in order for a user to extract data using rdseed. The requirement of data and metadata is enforced by rdseed to ensure proper extraction of the waveform timeseries.

rdseed refers to the accompanying dataless SEED volume as an alternate response file. In order to let rdseed use this dataless file, the user creates an environment variable entry on the command line called ALT_RESPONSE_FILE, which points to the location of the dataless SEED.

jrdseed is a Java port of rdseed.

An example of doing this in UNIX csh:

setenv ALT_RESPONSE_FILE /my/directory/path/my.dataless.seed

in bash or sh:


Once this is set, you can run rdseed as normal and use your miniSEED file as the input file. So long as you do not get an error saying Volume Not Found!, you can begin processing your waveform data.

Updated: 05/18/2017
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