Data Services Newsletter

Volume 6 : No 3 : December 2004

VASE - Viewer and Seismogram Extraction tool

Vase is the very first DHI program. Originally it was written to view our repository of streaming seismogram data. It now has been written to connect to any DHI server sites. You can view seismograms as they stream in or you can select a static time window for viewing data a few days old. Vase also works with our POND DHI server, which will transmit data from over 10 years of selected events.

Vase can save the data to miniSEED or SAC formats. It can also stream the data out over a port via a socket connection.

As a Java program, it is available for the Mac, Linux, Sun or PC computers.

DHI server sites

  • IRIS
  • Cal Tech
  • UC Berkeley
  • University of South Carolina


Download a copy of VASE

by Chris Laughbon (IRIS Data Management Center)

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