Data Services Newsletter

Volume 9 : No 2 : June 2007

VASE v2.7 Released

Announcing the release of VASE 2.7, available for download through the IRIS DMC. Vase is a Java-based client application designed for viewing and extracting seismic waveforms from DHI waveform repositories at a number of participating sites.

The new version added support for map servers, allowing users to zoom into a region and see more detail. VASE is available for use on Mac OSX/PPC, Mac OSX/Intel, Solaris and Linux computers.

Screenshot of VASE 2.7
Figure 1: Screenshot of VASE 2.7

Vase has the user interface arranged in tabbed panes to facilitate access to each query stage. The software has a server selection screen to allow the user to select DHI services from a number of data centers. Vase can query based on station latitude and longitude as well as retrieving the instrument sensitivity for placing in the SAC and SAC ASCII output files.

Along with the station latitude/longitude awareness, Vase has a mapping tool which allows the user to query for stations which lie within a latitude/longitude box area, all stations within a specified distance from a point, and all stations in a user defined area. You can also map any resulting stations you’ve queried.

For more information, please consult the Vase manual

New features of VASE 2.7

  • Map now uses OGC mapping services for background and zoom capability.
  • Search for all networks uses a coarser scan for faster return of stations.
  • Implementation of restricted data access authentication — to be paired with updated DHI waveform data service.
  • Vase icon included in application.
  • An ‘about’ screen with user documentation on how to use Vase.
  • Retrieval of real-time data automatic for end times equal to or greater than present time.

Request a copy of the VASE Software

To request a copy of the VASE Software for Windows, Linux, Mac, or Solaris, please fill out the VASE Software Request Form.

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by Rob Casey and Tim Knight (IRIS Data Management Center)

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