Data Products

Data products derived from raw data are produced both by the scientific community and the IRIS DMC. These complement the simple data products based on raw data such as event segmented waveforms, which are available via the DMCs traditional data access mechanisms. Community guidance is for our product development efforts is provided by the Data Products Working Group; feedback, suggestions and input are welcome at any time.


Below is a list of products produced either at the DMC or by the research community that are available from the DMC. Many of these products are available in SPUD where you can easily search for and download products.

What is coming next? Check the product development list.

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EMC - Earth Model Collaboration


A repository of Earth models with the aim of providing the research community with access to various tomographic models, visualization tools for model preview, facilities to extract model data/metadata and access to the contributed processing software and scripts.

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GMV - USArray Ground Motion Visualizations

Visualization Clip

Visualizations of real data showing how seismic waves sweep across the USArray network of seismic stations. Watch how seismic waves from earthquakes in the US and around the world cause the ground to move at each seismometer.

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Event Plots

Event Plot

A comprehensive suite of station maps, record sections, vespagrams and coda stacks generated shortly after events using all available, three component broadband data at the IRIS DMC for earthquakes larger than magnitude 6.0.

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The Back-projection product shows the beamformed time history and location of coherent short period P-wave energy generated by all modern large M6.5+ earthquakes observed at three regional arrays and across the Global Seismic Network.

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Global ShakeMovie Synthetics


The IRIS DMC archives and distributes synthetic seismograms from the Global ShakeMovie project at Princeton University calculated for all GCMT events in near real-time. 1D normal mode and 3D SPECFEM synthetics are available.

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TA Infrasound Reference Event Database (TAIRED) & Detections (TAID)


TAIRED is a user-supported evolving database that serves as a reference event depository and TAID is an automated IRIS DMC data product produced by systematically scanning USArray TA broadband infrasound data and generating station-based weekly detection lists.

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SeisSound, the Audio/Video Seismic Waveform Visualization


SeisSound is an audio/video-based data product that illustrates the temporal evolution of the frequency and amplitude content of a seismogram. Conveying the seismograms frequency content both visually and audibly produces a better understanding of the spectral content.

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SWS-DB - Shear-Wave Splitting Database


The Shear-Wave Splitting Database is a mirror of the Géosciences Montpellier's SplitLab Shear-wave splitting database that provides access to this valuable database using the SPUD system and its customized Google Maps interface.

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EARS - EarthScope Automated Receiver Survey


The EarthScope Automated Receiver Survey (EARS) calculates bulk crustal properties of IRIS stations using receiver functions. Originally developed at the University of South Carolina, EARS continuously monitors for new events and stations updating the database when new candidate data are found.

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EMERALD - a software framework for seismic event processing


EMERALD is a complete open-source software server-based system for requesting and processing large sets of event based seismic data from a web browser. Data sets containing millions of seismic waveforms can easily be managed, reviewed, and processed. The system can automatically check for metadata updates, and alert the user to metadata changes.

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PDF/PSD Bulk Data Delivery System


PDF/PSD Bulk Data Delivery System is an automated system that accepts BREQ_FAST-formatted requests and provides users with the requested PSD data files (daily bin files).

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Western US Ambient Noise Cross-Correlations


Vertical component ambient noise cross-correlation Empirical Green's Functions for the Western US using USArray data.

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Event Bulletins

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The DMC archives phase arrivals from the USArray Array Network Facility in addition to other DMS sources. The event bullentins are added to the DMC's event tables, making them available via the standard event query interfaces. The original submissions are also available as products.

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Magnetotelluric Transfer Functions

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USArray magnetotelluric transfer functions calculated from USArray MT stations by Oregon State University are availble from the SPUD system and also directly from the DMC's website in the EDI format.

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Other data products available from the IRIS DMC


Centroid moment tensors from the Global CMT Project SPUD Logo


Film chip images from the World Wide Standardized Seismograph Network SPUD Logo


Calibration data from IRIS/IDA portion of the GSN SPUD Logo


Station Digests for USArray Transportable Array stations SPUD Logo

EarthScope Product Resources

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The EarthScope website,, contains a list of data products derived from EarthScope data.

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