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The Searchable Product Depository (SPUD) is the IRIS DMC's primary data product management system. Complementing the DMC's SEED and assembled data archives, which contain time series recordings, the SPUD system primarily contains derivative data products of other types (images, movies, etc.) created either at the DMC or by members of the community.

For users SPUD is the query and access point for these products. The web interfaces allow users to search for products using customized queries across product and event details. Users can search across all product types at once or within specific product types. SPUD also has web service interfaces for programmatic discovery and access to the data products.

If any products from SPUD are used in your research please be sure to cite the identified author of the product and the IRIS DMS [Citation Information].

About Film Chip Products

The USGS WWFC Pilot Scanning Project

The World Wide Standardized Seismograph Network (WWSSN) began operations in 1961. One hundred twenty stations were installed, covering every continent. A station consisted of 3 short-period and 3 long-period seismometers, recording apparatus, radio-synchronized crystal clock, and calibration controls.

Data were originally recorded on photographic paper, then later on heat sensitive paper. The original records were photographed at the WWSSN Data Center using 70 mm film and stored by station and year on a 70 x 120 mm film chip. Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and the USGS Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory (ASL) each hold near-complete film chip sets of the WWSSN data. The slow degradation of these film chips has prompted this pilot project in 1999.

The film chips are black and white and have been digitally scanned with a resolution of 3200 dpi. The image has been cropped to exclude areas on the film chip which do not contain the image of the original record, however in all cases, the final product contains all of the original photographed record. The resulting grey-scale images have been saved at approximately 1/10th of the original film chip size as TIF files and then compressed using gzip. Enlarging the images by a factor of 10 results in images similar in size to the original analog record.

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StationChannelDateSubmit TimeDescription
KONLHN1977-05-172011-03-30 17:09:23Film Chip Image (KON, LHN) 1977-05-17
KONSHN1977-05-172011-03-30 17:09:08Film Chip Image (KON, SHN) 1977-05-17
KONLHE1977-05-172011-03-30 15:54:44Film Chip Image (KON, LHE) 1977-05-17
KONSHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 17:07:56Film Chip Image (KON, SHZ) 1977-05-17
KONLHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 17:05:53Film Chip Image (KON, LHZ) 1977-05-17
COLLHE1977-05-172011-03-30 15:31:07Film Chip Image (COL, LHE) 1977-05-17
COLSHE1977-05-172011-03-30 16:26:12Film Chip Image (COL, SHE) 1977-05-17
AKUSHN1977-05-172011-03-30 17:44:46Film Chip Image (AKU, SHN) 1977-05-17
AKULHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 17:46:22Film Chip Image (AKU, LHZ) 1977-05-17
AKUSHE1977-05-172011-03-30 16:27:57Film Chip Image (AKU, SHE) 1977-05-17
AKUSHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 17:48:11Film Chip Image (AKU, SHZ) 1977-05-17
KBSLHE1977-05-172011-03-30 17:31:44Film Chip Image (KBS, LHE) 1977-05-17
KBSSHN1977-05-172011-03-30 15:38:30Film Chip Image (KBS, SHN) 1977-05-17
KBSSHE1977-05-172011-03-30 17:32:56Film Chip Image (KBS, SHE) 1977-05-17
KBSLHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 15:34:36Film Chip Image (KBS, LHZ) 1977-05-17
KBSSHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 15:32:48Film Chip Image (KBS, SHZ) 1977-05-17
KBSLHN1977-05-172011-03-30 15:36:43Film Chip Image (KBS, LHN) 1977-05-17
KTGSHN1977-05-172011-03-30 16:24:48Film Chip Image (KTG, SHN) 1977-05-17
KTGLHE1977-05-172012-07-19 16:12:59Film Chip Image (KTG, LHE) 1977-05-17
KTGSHE1977-05-172012-07-19 16:13:05Film Chip Image (KTG, SHE) 1977-05-17
KTGLHE1977-05-172011-03-30 18:04:14Film Chip Image (KTG, LHE) 1977-05-17
KTGSHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 16:23:59Film Chip Image (KTG, SHZ) 1977-05-17
KTGLHN1977-05-172011-03-30 16:26:53Film Chip Image (KTG, LHN) 1977-05-17
KTGLHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 16:21:40Film Chip Image (KTG, LHZ) 1977-05-17
KTGSHE1977-05-172011-03-30 18:02:57Film Chip Image (KTG, SHE) 1977-05-17
NURLHE1977-05-172011-03-30 16:30:48Film Chip Image (NUR, LHE) 1977-05-17
NURLHN1977-05-172011-03-30 17:47:58Film Chip Image (NUR, LHN) 1977-05-17
NURLHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 17:44:18Film Chip Image (NUR, LHZ) 1977-05-17
NURSHE1977-05-172011-03-30 16:31:51Film Chip Image (NUR, SHE) 1977-05-17
NURSHN1977-05-172011-03-30 17:49:52Film Chip Image (NUR, SHN) 1977-05-17
NURSHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 17:56:23Film Chip Image (NUR, SHZ) 1977-05-17
JERSHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 16:58:27Film Chip Image (JER, SHZ) 1977-05-17
JERLHE1977-05-172011-03-30 16:02:45Film Chip Image (JER, LHE) 1977-05-17
JERLHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 16:59:33Film Chip Image (JER, LHZ) 1977-05-17
JERLHN1977-05-172011-03-30 16:55:28Film Chip Image (JER, LHN) 1977-05-17
JERSHN1977-05-172011-03-30 16:57:10Film Chip Image (JER, SHN) 1977-05-17
JERSHE1977-05-172011-03-30 16:05:29Film Chip Image (JER, SHE) 1977-05-17
KEVLHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 16:14:26Film Chip Image (KEV, LHZ) 1977-05-17
KEVLHE1977-05-172011-03-30 18:11:51Film Chip Image (KEV, LHE) 1977-05-17
KEVLHN1977-05-172011-03-30 16:15:29Film Chip Image (KEV, LHN) 1977-05-17
KEVSHE1977-05-172011-03-30 18:05:44Film Chip Image (KEV, SHE) 1977-05-17
KEVSHE1977-05-172012-07-19 16:12:28Film Chip Image (KEV, SHE) 1977-05-17
KEVSHN1977-05-172011-03-30 16:09:48Film Chip Image (KEV, SHN) 1977-05-17
KEVSHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 16:10:37Film Chip Image (KEV, SHZ) 1977-05-17
MSHLHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 15:27:01Film Chip Image (MSH, LHZ) 1977-05-17
MSHLHN1977-05-172011-03-30 15:31:34Film Chip Image (MSH, LHN) 1977-05-17
MSHLHE1977-05-172011-03-30 17:27:42Film Chip Image (MSH, LHE) 1977-05-17
POOLHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 17:50:05Film Chip Image (POO, LHZ) 1977-05-17
POOSHE1977-05-172011-03-30 17:50:19Film Chip Image (POO, SHE) 1977-05-17
POOSHN1977-05-172011-03-30 16:32:04Film Chip Image (POO, SHN) 1977-05-17
POOSHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 16:36:36Film Chip Image (POO, SHZ) 1977-05-17
KODLHE1977-05-172011-03-30 17:51:55Film Chip Image (KOD, LHE) 1977-05-17
KODLHN1977-05-172011-03-30 16:32:42Film Chip Image (KOD, LHN) 1977-05-17
KODSHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 16:35:55Film Chip Image (KOD, SHZ) 1977-05-17
KODLHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 16:34:34Film Chip Image (KOD, LHZ) 1977-05-17
KODSHN1977-05-172011-03-30 16:31:25Film Chip Image (KOD, SHN) 1977-05-17
KODSHE1977-05-172011-03-30 17:49:10Film Chip Image (KOD, SHE) 1977-05-17
SHLSHN1977-05-172011-03-30 15:32:35Film Chip Image (SHL, SHN) 1977-05-17
SHLLHN1977-05-172011-03-30 15:34:03Film Chip Image (SHL, LHN) 1977-05-17
SHLSHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 15:36:57Film Chip Image (SHL, SHZ) 1977-05-17
SHLLHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 15:36:02Film Chip Image (SHL, LHZ) 1977-05-17
SHLSHE1977-05-172011-03-30 17:28:37Film Chip Image (SHL, SHE) 1977-05-17
NDILHE1977-05-172011-03-30 15:32:19Film Chip Image (NDI, LHE) 1977-05-17
NDILHN1977-05-172011-03-30 17:28:24Film Chip Image (NDI, LHN) 1977-05-17
NDILHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 17:24:22Film Chip Image (NDI, LHZ) 1977-05-17
NDISHN1977-05-172011-03-30 15:45:55Film Chip Image (NDI, SHN) 1977-05-17
NDISHE1977-05-172011-03-30 17:19:06Film Chip Image (NDI, SHE) 1977-05-17
NDISHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 15:48:10Film Chip Image (NDI, SHZ) 1977-05-17
LAHLHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 16:42:29Film Chip Image (LAH, LHZ) 1977-05-17
LAHLHE1977-05-172011-03-30 17:43:11Film Chip Image (LAH, LHE) 1977-05-17
LAHLHN1977-05-172011-03-30 16:46:47Film Chip Image (LAH, LHN) 1977-05-17
LAHSHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 15:48:46Film Chip Image (LAH, SHZ) 1977-05-17
LAHSHE1977-05-172011-03-30 17:04:43Film Chip Image (LAH, SHE) 1977-05-17
LAHSHN1977-05-172011-03-30 15:51:38Film Chip Image (LAH, SHN) 1977-05-17
MATSHN1977-05-172011-03-30 16:42:54Film Chip Image (MAT, SHN) 1977-05-17
MATSHE1977-05-172011-03-30 17:38:46Film Chip Image (MAT, SHE) 1977-05-17
MATSHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 16:47:40Film Chip Image (MAT, SHZ) 1977-05-17
MATLHE1977-05-172011-03-30 17:28:09Film Chip Image (MAT, LHE) 1977-05-17
MATLHN1977-05-172011-03-30 15:31:47Film Chip Image (MAT, LHN) 1977-05-17
MATLHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 16:24:33Film Chip Image (MAT, LHZ) 1977-05-17
SEOLHZ1977-05-172011-03-30 17:29:22Film Chip Image (SEO, LHZ) 1977-05-17
POOLHN1976-12-232011-03-29 02:04:28Film Chip Image (POO, LHN) 1976-12-23
POOLHE1976-12-232011-03-29 16:11:25Film Chip Image (POO, LHE) 1976-12-23
POOLHZ1976-12-232011-03-29 02:25:50Film Chip Image (POO, LHZ) 1976-12-23
SHLLHZ1976-12-232011-03-28 23:00:41Film Chip Image (SHL, LHZ) 1976-12-23
SHLLHN1976-12-232011-03-28 21:57:09Film Chip Image (SHL, LHN) 1976-12-23
SHLSHE1976-12-232011-03-29 17:42:40Film Chip Image (SHL, SHE) 1976-12-23
SHLLHE1976-12-232011-03-29 17:15:30Film Chip Image (SHL, LHE) 1976-12-23
POOSHE1976-12-232011-03-30 09:15:58Film Chip Image (POO, SHE) 1976-12-23
SEOSHZ1976-12-232011-03-29 21:01:28Film Chip Image (SEO, SHZ) 1976-12-23
SEOSHN1976-12-232011-03-29 22:03:42Film Chip Image (SEO, SHN) 1976-12-23
SEOSHE1976-12-232011-03-28 21:34:34Film Chip Image (SEO, SHE) 1976-12-23
SEOLHZ1976-12-232011-03-30 09:57:08Film Chip Image (SEO, LHZ) 1976-12-23
MATLHZ1976-12-232011-03-28 18:35:22Film Chip Image (MAT, LHZ) 1976-12-23
MATSHE1976-12-232011-03-29 23:37:11Film Chip Image (MAT, SHE) 1976-12-23
MATSHZ1976-12-232011-03-28 18:56:16Film Chip Image (MAT, SHZ) 1976-12-23
MATSHN1976-12-232011-03-28 17:42:13Film Chip Image (MAT, SHN) 1976-12-23
KTGSHZ1976-12-222011-03-29 23:32:13Film Chip Image (KTG, SHZ) 1976-12-22
KONSHZ1976-12-222011-03-29 12:05:15Film Chip Image (KON, SHZ) 1976-12-22
NURLHZ1976-12-222011-03-30 03:15:21Film Chip Image (NUR, LHZ) 1976-12-22
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