Data Services Newsletter

Volume 19 : No 2 : Summer 2017

IRIS Data Services Workshop in South Africa

The Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology Data Services (IRIS DS), in cooperation with the International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks (FDSN), is organizing a workshop focused on the management of metadata and time series data from seismological networks. The goal is to enable open data sharing and exchange of ideas between networks in Africa as well as with the global seismological community. Primary financial support for the workshop is provided by the National Science Foundation through the SAGE grant to IRIS. (NSF Grant number EAR-1261681).

The local host for the workshop is the Council for Geosciences. The Council along with IASPEI are co-sponsors of the workshop.

Workshop Scope
The objective of the workshop is to assist operators of seismic networks in the generation of time series and metadata that describe their seismic stations. We shall provide training in a variety of areas including: seismic station installation and instrumentation, methods of transmitting real time data, development of station metadata, how to access data from the FDSN data center operated by IRIS, and introduce participants to the IRIS MUSTANG Quality Assurance system that monitors the quality of seismological data. We expect participants to come away from the workshop with all the necessary knowledge to set up and maintain their own database and to link their network to the growing global network for data access.

A tutorial on ObsPy, a Python based toolkit for seismological observatories, will be presented. ObsPy is an open-source project dedicated to providing a Python framework for processing seismological data. It provides parsers for common file formats, clients to access data centers and seismological signal processing routines that allow the manipulation of seismological time series.

The workshop will also provide an introduction and training to the workshop participants on the SeisComp3 seismological network management system. The SeisComp3 system supports several FDSN standard methods of accessing data and is available at no cost to seismic network centers. Operating a SeisComp3 system allows networks to participate in a Federated FDSN data center system.

More information about the workshop can be found HERE

by Tim Ahern (IRIS Data Management Center)

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