Data Products


The data products group is responsible for creating higher-level products derived from the time series data managed at the DMC. This group is also responsible for archiving and providing access to the products generated internally and selected products generated by external parties. The higher-level data products generated and managed by the DMC are complementary to the raw data and are intended to provide insight into a particular data set or serve as new base data sets.


The data products section consists of product specialists, a (fractional) software engineer and a (fractional) quality assurance engineer. The specialists are highly trained seismologists with strong software development skills. They are responsible for prototyping, refining and ultimately producing data products useful to the research community. The software engineer is responsible for producing the software system that archives and distributes, via the web, the data products to users. All data products generated at the DMC are produced with as much automation as possible and without human review in most cases. The quality assurance engineer monitors production of products and the related support systems.

To ensure that the data products are useful to the research community a Data Products Working Group (DPWG) was formed to provide direct feedback and guidance to the group activities. The DPWG reports to the DMSSC. The PS group meets with the DPWG at least twice a year to discuss developments, with other feedback provided via email between meetings.

In addition to products generated at the data center the DMC supports, through small sub-awards, the development of data products by research groups at full IRIS member institutions. An open request for proposals process is conducted to identify potential products and a peer committee reviews the proposals. These externally developed products, once completed, are delivered to the DMC and integrated with the other data products available from the DMC.

Primary tasks

The data products group is currently engaged in the following activities:

  • Development of a source-time function product
  • Development of infrasound data related products/resources
  • Development of a seismic waveform stacking product
  • Development of an archive of empirical Green’s functions to support on-demand synthetic seismogram calculation
  • Archiving of 1-D and 3-D synthetics from the Global ShakeMovie Project at Princeton.
  • Maintenance of the product archive and distribution system (SPUD)
  • Addition of new models to the Earth Model Repository as submitted by researchers
  • Management of external product developments and transition to the DMC
  • Development of a system to monitor product generation and related systems
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