Data Products


The data products group is responsible for creating and maintaining high-level products derived from the time series data managed at the DMC and other data repositories. This group is also responsible for archiving and providing access to the products generated internally or externally. The higher-level data products managed by the DMC are complementary to the raw data and are intended to provide insight into a particular data set or serve as new base data sets.


The data products section consists of advanced degree seismologists with strong software development skills. They are responsible for prototyping, refining and ultimately producing data products useful to the research community. All data products generated at the DMC are produced with as much automation as possible and without human review in most cases. The quality of product production and the related support systems are monitored as are the distribution trends. To ensure that the data products are useful to the research community, direct feedback and guidance is provided by the Data Service Standing Committee (DSSC).

In addition to products generated at the data center, the DMC supports data products by research groups at full IRIS member institutions. These externally developed products, once completed, are delivered to the DMC and integrated with the other data products available from the DMC.

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