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The following SEED Tools packages are available for download. Click the package name to access the download page.

evalresp can be used to calculate either the complex spectral response or the frequency-amplitude-phase response for a specified station or set of stations, channel or channels, and network, for a specified date, time and frequency, using the SEED ASCII response (RESP) files produced by the program rdseed as input.

A Java port of our classic rdseed application.

pod is a program that was originally called output and was written by Mark Wiederspahn. Its function is to produce a SEED (Standard for the Exchange of Earthquake Data) volume from a set of waveform files, their associated station/channel descriptions and response information.

rdseed reads and interprets Standard for Exchange of Earthquake Data (SEED) files. This is the format defined by the Federation of Digital Seismographic Networks (FDSN) to represent seismic data.

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