Manuals: PQLX

Supported Platforms

The PQLX system will compile and execute on any of the following three platforms:

  1. LINUX
  2. Mac OS X
  3. Solaris

System Setup

Setup of the PQLX Server and system is generally defined to comprise the following actions:

  • Server-side technical environment setup, performed once per server machine instance;
  • PQLX software compilation and installation, executed once per platform the PQLX server and client will run on, for both server- and client-side programs;
  • PQLX Database definition and creation, executed once for each database required.

Getting Started

  1. Access the online PDF manuals found in our SeisCode documents , or in your PQLX distribution under the docs directory.
  2. Compile and Install the PQLX system following the instructions found in the Compilation and Installation section of the User`s Manual.
  3. Organise the trace and response file data for all seismic channels to be contained in a PQLX database, found in the Database Setup and Preparation section.
  4. Create a PQLX database, detailed in the DB Administration section of the manual.
  5. Execute the Server-Side Analysis Program:
    • From within the pqlx-admin tool
    • From the command line
    • As a cron job
  • Documentation detailing the PQLX Server-Side Analysis Program can be found in the PDF manual.
  1. View the analysis results using the program pqlx. See the Client-Side Programs section of the manual for more information.

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