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Since July 2003 the IRIS QUality Analysis Control Kit (QUACK) has successfully served the seismological community by providing automated analysis of timeseries signal quality of real-time data streams at the DMC. QUACK measures quality parameters such as noise level, data availability, data latency, and a variety of other statistical measurements that can be accessed on the IRIS DMC website. Although QUACK allows scientists to quickly and efficiently assess the data quality of seismic station channel data, the DMC continues to migrate to a service-oriented architecture, and so this system has reached the end of its life and will be replaced by the MUSTANG suite of web services, currently in BETA.

To allow time for users to transition to the new MUSTANG-based quality assurance services, we are allowing QUACK a moratorium to continue operations until January 16th, 2015. At that time, the IRIS DMC will no longer support the QUACK system and redirect web traffic to the MUSTANG suite of web services, which are expected to be in full production by December 2014.

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