Over the next decade, EarthScope programs will continue to evolve in support of increasingly larger-scale international research projects. The EarthScope mission of facilitating seismological research will require addressing the two emerging science- limiting factors: increasing the number of competent seismologists worldwide – particularly in developing countries – and securing resources to support operational facilities on a global scale. EarthScope will undertake a pan-EarthScope approach to both challenges through implementation of capacity-building activities covering all aspects of seismological practice, and through the development of concerted strategies to secure funding to leverage NSF investment in seismological facilities. These programs and activities will be integral to relevant EarthScope programs and are detailed in the corresponding program sections. In addition, EarthScope will pursue partnerships with other US and international organizations and agencies to provide EarthScope members with the opportunity to become involved in activities of broad societal impact in developing countries.

The following projects are accessible online. Many of these projects require authentication.

Regional Exchange of Earthquake Data (REED)

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Project Initiation Forms

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