Data Products for Education and Research from the USArray

Portland, Oregon, United States of America

2004-10-11 — 2004-10-12

Background Information

Workshop objectives

To specify and prioritize standard routine and higher-order USArray data products; to establish protocols and procedures for creating, reviewing and updating these products; and to propose a framework for supporting this work.

IRIS has a long and successful history of servicing the seismology community with waveform data from permanent and temporary seismic stations operated by IRIS and other seismic networks. However, the broad support base for USArray, and the new scientific and techical opportunities it enables, require that the scope of the databases archived, maintained and distributed by the IRIS DMC be expanded to include standard routine data products such as earthquake locations and CMT solutions, as well as higher order data products such as crustal thickness maps and velocity models. Production of data products and associated metadata to serve both the seismological and broader earth science community has been discussed in a number of venues and workshops over the last several years. It is now time to develop a list of specific desired products, to define the challenges associated with producing, maintaining and distributing these products, and to address issues associated with the use of these products by both specialists and non-specialists. It is important to provide useful products to a range of constituencies while ensuring that research and innovation continue.

The output of this workshop will be a prioritized classification of data products, a description of protocols and procedures for obtaining these products, a strategic plan for updating and expanding the database, and a funding model.

If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please contact one of the members of the steering committee by August 15. Please include a paragraph summarizing your scientific interests and/or the expertise you bring to this effort.

Workshop steering committee

  • Anne Trehu (chair), Oregon State University, Chair
  • Rick Aster. New Mexico Tech
  • Matt Fouch, Arizona State University
  • David James, Carnegie Institute of Washington
  • Anne Meltzer, Lehigh University
  • Stuart Sipkin, U.S. Geological Survey,

Workshop format

The workshop will begin with several overview presentations addressing technical and scientific challenges of providing both routine and higher-order data products. This will be followed by discussions and a plenary session to refine the charges to working groups. A preliminary draft of working group charges will be distributed prior to the meeting. Participants will then break into working groups to discuss remaining issues and prepare written materials for the workshop report. Working groups will report back to the larger workshop in a second plenary session. The meeting will close with a consensus of key elements and points to include in the workshop report. All participants are expected to contribute to the written workshop report. We anticipate finalizing the report within a few weeks of the workshop and expect that this report will provide a framework for initiating a broader discussion of IRIS data products.

Location Details

Edgefield House, Portland, Oregon

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Important Dates and Venue

2004-10-11 — 2004-10-12

Workshop will be held in Portland, Oregon, United States of America.

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