Thread: AGU joint seismology &MRP & Tectonophysics session on Intermediate depth and deep EQs

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Dear colleagues,

Some of you might be interested in the following AGU Fall Meeting session,
convened by Greg Hirth (Brown U.) and Alexandre Schubnel (ENS), and myself
(Caltech) on:

*Intermediate depth and deep earthquakes*

S016: Intermediate-depth and deep-focus earthquakes

*Session ID#: *13028
Session Description:
Intermediate-depth and deep-focus earthquakes are key features of
geodynamics because they contribute approximately to a fifth of the Earth's
seismicity. Intermediate and deep earthquakes challenge our understanding
of earthquake physics, because they occur under extreme pressure and
temperature conditions. The essential mechanical process responsible for
their existence remains one of the outstanding unsolved problems of
geophysics. Their source properties provide unique clues into deep Earth
mineral physics, stress state, and subducted slab dynamics. Understanding
these deep events can also help us understand earthquake processes in
general. In the last few years, new laboratory experiments, numerical
simulations, and studies of recent deep events pushed forward our view of
deep earthquakes. The aim of this session is to be interdisciplinary and we
welcome contributions about all aspects of deep earthquakes (including
shallower events that bear on relevant physics), and encourage further
interactions among seismology, mineral and rock physics, and geodynamics.
Primary Convener: *Zhongwen Zhan*, California Institute of Technology,
Pasadena, CA, United States
Conveners: *Alexandre Schubnel*, Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris, Paris,
France and *Greg Hirth*, Brown Univeristy, Providence, RI, United States
*Co-Organized with:*
*Seismology*, Mineral and Rock Physics, and Tectonophysics


- MR - Mineral and Rock Physics
- T - Tectonophysics

Proposed Co-Organized Session with:

- MR - Mineral and Rock Physics
- T - Tectonophysics

Index Terms:

3613 Subduction zone processes
7209 Earthquake dynamics
7215 Earthquake source observations
8118 Dynamics and mechanics of faulting

Zhongwen Zhan

Assistant Professor of Geophysics
Seismological Laboratory
California Institute of Technology

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