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Active Message Threads for June 2019

Stephanie James
2019-06-24 07:08:27
Dear colleagues, We would like to draw your attention to the AGU 2019 session “*Geophysical Advances in Cryospheric Processes, Structure, and Environmental Change*.” This session will showcase the latest geophysical innovations and revelations in studies of the frozen Earth (permafrost, glaciers, ice sheets, snow, etc.). This session is co-organized between Cryosphere, Near-Surface Geophysics, and Seismology sections. We hope you will submit an abstract and share this announcement with inter... [more]
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Hello everyone, For those of you who have yet to submit an AGU abstract, please consider our session which aims to combine geophysics, geochemistry and geodynamics to better understand the lithosphere. Session description: Metasomatic changes in mantle rocks associated with subduction play a critical role in determining the chemical and isotopic characteristics of magmas produced during and after subduction. Our understanding of geodynamic behavior in subduction zones now urgently requires ... [more]
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Hello everyone- AGU 2019 abstracts are now being accepted! Please consider submitting an abstract to AGU session C022 “Investigating the Feedbacks between Solid Earth Properties and the Cryosphere”. The associated session description is provided below, and other details can be found at The abstract submission deadline is July 31, 2019. Hope to see you in San Francisco! Samantha Hansen C022 - Investigating the Feedbacks... [more]
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Oliva, Sarah Jaye C
2019-06-20 18:03:21
Dear colleagues, The AGU 2019 abstract submission is now open! We wish to invite you to consider contributing your AGU Fall Meeting abstract to the following session focusing on magma-tectonic interactions: Session Title: V026. Interactions between Magmatism, Tectonics, and Faulting in Rifts, Arcs, Ridges, Calderas, and Volcanic Fields View Session Details:< [more]
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Richard Aster
2019-06-19 17:12:19
Dear Colleagues — Kindly note the special session below at this year’s AGU. The session aims to connect scientists applying theoretical, field-based and experimental seismic methods to Earth surface and near-surface dynamics, and we invite contributions from geomorphology, cryospheric sciences, seismology, hazards, volcanology, soil sciences, rock mechanics, hydrology, and related fields. Best Regards, Rick, Brad, Danica, and Kate [AGU Fall Meeting 2019, , San Francisco] S01... [more]
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It is already time to submit your AGU abstracts. Consider submitting to session S029: "Real-time earthquake assessment: Earthquake early warning to post-earthquake damage" Submission deadline: Wed July 31st, 23:59 EDT Submit here: Session description: Scientific and technological advances in real-time seismology and earthquake early warning mean we are approaching an era when assessments of the impact of an earthquake can be availa... [more]
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Authors planning earthquake or tsunami hazards related presentations at the Fall AGU meeting might consider submitting to one of the relevant Natural Hazards sessions, listed below. Submissions to the Centennial Overview sessions are exempted from the first author rule, so the author is allowed to submit another abstract. NH008 Centennial Overview: Data science and the future of Natural Hazards Science NH009 Centennial Overview: Status and prospects of earthquake and tsunami forecasting ... [more]
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