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Active Message Threads for July 2020

Hobbs, Tiegan (NRCAN/RNCAN)
2020-07-08 16:17:13
It is well known that long-recurrence crustal faults can be difficult to incorporate into hazard maps. Solutions to this problem must be determined through a community effort. Therefore, we invite abstract submissions to our AGU session entitled "How Should Low-Probability Earthquakes be Considered in Hazard Assessments?” (NH013). Please find the description below and don’t hesitate to contact us for any clarifications. Kind regards, Tiegan Hobbs (<mailto:tiegan.hobb... [more]
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Stephanie James
2020-07-07 17:16:39
Dear colleagues, We invite you to contribute to the session “Interrogating the Cryosphere: Insights and Advances from Geophysical Observations” for the AGU Fall Meeting 2020. This session will showcase the latest geophysical innovations and revelations in studies of the frozen Earth (permafrost, glaciers, ice sheets, snow, etc.). This session is co-organized between Cryosphere, Near-Surface Geophysics, and Seismology sections. We hope you will submit an abstract and share this announcemen... [more]
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Dear Colleagues, In honor of 20 years of combined MARGINS + GeoPRISMS Science, we are convening a session at the virtual AGU 2020 titled "Advances in Understanding Continental Margin Evolution: Two Decades of GeoPRISMS and MARGINS Science.” We are excited to invite a wide range of abstracts that capture this incredible period of multidisciplinary and amphibious science. We encourage abstracts that bring together disciplines and datasets to address a specific research problem or knowled... [more]
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We invite you to submit an abstract to our AGU session on “Approaches in Measurements and Modeling for Geoengineering”. We seek multi-disciplinary approaches to a global issue. The deadline for abstract submission is Wednesday July 29th, 2020. More information about this session can be found below. Session Title: Approaches in Measurements and Modeling for Geoengineering Session Description: Geoengineering, or the intentional modification of an aspect of the Earth's system to mitigate ... [more]
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Dear Colleagues: We are convening a broad AGU session that we hope will be of interest to you. Our aim is to look forward to new directions, as well as review past and present. Please consider submitting an abstract to our AGU Session. Thank you Rachel Abercrombie, Annemarie Baltay, Stefan Nielsen and Bill Walter. Session Title - Fifty Years of the Brune Earthquake Source Model: What Have we Learned, and What is Next? Section – Seismology (with Nonlinear Geophysics, Natural Hazard... [more]
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Dear colleagues, For those interested in subduction zone topics in New Zealand, we invite you to submit abstracts to the following AGU session: Session Title - From trench to back-arc: Dynamics of the Hikurangi subduction zone Abstract: The Hikurangi subduction zone off New Zealand's North Island exhibits intriguing variations in volcanic, tectonic, and megathrust slip processes making it an outstanding natural laboratory to probe these processes. With support from NSF, IODP, GeoPRIS... [more]
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