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Hrvoje Tkalčić
2016-07-11 15:38:12
Dear colleagues,

We hope that you will consider submitting your contributions to the special session on the Earth’s core for the upcoming AGU Fall Meeting.

Invited speakers: Julien Aubert and James Badro
Session Title: The Earth’s core: constraints on the Earth’s metallic heart from multi-disciplinary approaches
Session ID#: 13083

Session Description: Understanding the complex nature of the Earth’s core, including stratified layers in the liquid outer core and the structure of the solid inner core, requires combined knowledge of its thermal, compositional, electromagnetic and mineralogical state. These fundamental factors determine the age of the inner core, as well as the history and present operation of the geodynamo.
How are inner core complexities observed seismologically related to the outer core dynamics? Are they imparted to the inner core surface by the dynamics of the liquid and subsequently advected by flow within the core?
Multi-disciplinary collaboration and integration of individual results is crucial to progress in unraveling the intriguing properties of both the inner and outer core. With a multi-disciplinary spirit in mind, this session invites contributions from seismology, mineral physics, geodynamics, geomagnetism, geochemistry, and mathematical geophysics in a joint effort to understand the Earth’s metallic heart.

Primary Section/Focus Group: Study of Earth's Deep Interior
Index Terms:
1015 Composition of the core [GEOCHEMISTRY]
3924 High-pressure behavior [MINERAL PHYSICS]
7207 Core [SEISMOLOGY]
Cross-Listing(s): Yes
GP - Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism and Electromagnetism
MR - Mineral and Rock Physics
S - Seismology

Best wishes,

Hrvoje Tkalčić, ANU
Jiachao Liu, UMICH
Marine Lasbleis, ELSI
Chris Finlay, DTU

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