Thread: AGU Session DI007: Heterogeneity in Earth's Deep Interior

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Dear colleagues,

It is abstract-submission time for the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting and I would
like to invite you to share your research outcomes in our exciting session
on heterogeneities in the Earth's Deep Interior.

Please see the session details below; we are looking forward to your
valuable contributions.

On behalf of the conveners,

Pilar Madrigal

*DI007: *Heterogeneity in Earth's Deep Interior - from natural and
laboratory observations to theoretical models

*Session ID#: 12978*
*Session Description:*

Geochemistry plays an important role in our understanding of Earth’s
accretion, its differentiation, and the formation of the atmosphere.
Combining natural and laboratory measurements with geophysical observations
and geodynamic models of mantle convection will position us to make major
breakthroughs in our understanding of Earth’s formation and subsequent
evolution. This session encourages abstract submissions dealing with e.g.,
[1] the relationship between the geochemistry of mid-ocean ridge and ocean
island basalts and seismically observed features in the mantle, [2] the
geochemistry of mantle end-members and how they relate to the origin and
distribution of chemical variability in the deep mantle, and [3] whether
the formation and preservation of ancient, chemically distinct components
in the Earth’s deep interior is compatible with a dynamically convecting
mantle. Study of the deep Earth is inherently multidisciplinary, and *we
encourage abstract submissions from all realms of the geosciences (e.g.,
petrology and geochemistry, geophysics, mineral physics, geodynamics)*.

*Invited Speakers:*

*Dr. Lydia Hallis, *University of Glasgow.
*Prof. Charles H. Langmuir, *Harvard University.

Conveners: *Curtis D Williams*, University of California Davis, Davis, CA,
United States, *Matthew G Jackson*, University of California Santa Barbara,
Department of Earth Sciences, Santa Barbara, CA, United States, *Elizabeth
Cottrell*, Smithsonian, NMNH, Washington, DC, United States and *Pilar
Madrigal*, Virginia Polytechnical Institute and State University,
Department of Geosciences, Blacksburg, VA, United States

Pilar Madrigal Quesada

Department of Geosciences
4044 Derring Hall
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

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