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Stefan Lisowski
2016-08-23 15:40:11

Hi All!

This December before AGU, ISTI is considering running some more of our popular Earthworm training courses in San Francisco.

In the course, we will be providing an expert's insight into the system. You will learn tricks and tips from our decades of experience operating and programming Earthworm. You will learn how to set up regional automatic earthquake detection with the latest release of Earthworm.

We're breaking up this pre-AGU course into two parts, you can sign up for 2 days of Basic Earthworm, 2 days of Advanced Earthworm, or all four days.

Basic Day 1 and 2 (Tuesday 12/6, Wednesday 12/7) will cover

- Installation
- Configuration
- Troubleshooting
- Data exchange
- Visualization tools

Advanced Day 3 and 4 (Thursday 12/8, Friday 12/9) will cover:

- Archiving and Playback of data
- Overview of non-Earthworm manual post-processing systems
ex: Seisan, AQMS' Jiggle
- Tuning played back data for Earthquake Location and Magnitudes
We encourage Advanced participants to bring their own network's data in MiniSEED, Tankplayer or other formats so the class will all learn from each individual case.

The course will be taught by Paul Friberg and Stefan Lisowski who have a combined experience with Earthworm of over 28 years!

Let us know no later than September 30 if you're interested in registering for either or both courses so we can see if we've got sufficient interest to run these.

- Stefan Lisowski & Paul Friberg
s.lisowski<at> p.friberg<at>

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