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The 2017 CIDER summer program will be held at UC Berkeley from June 21st to
July 21st, on the theme "Subduction Zone Structure and Dynamics".

This multi-disciplinary program includes a 4 week tutorial program for
about 35 advanced graduate students and post-docs (June 25-July 21, 2017),
while more senior scientists are welcome at any point in the program.

More information at:

***Application deadline: February 1, 2017***

To find out more about CIDER, please join us for the 2016 pre-AGU CIDER
workshop which will be held at UC Berkeley on Sunday, December 11th, 2016.

This workshop will feature keynote talks in celebration of the successful
2016 Summer program and in anticipation of the 2017 Summer Program.
Everyone is invited to attend, but must apply/register **by November 13th,

More information at preagu2016.shtml, or
contact Barbara Romanowicz: barbara<at>

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