Thread: Abstract submission open for "EnviroSeis: From Process to Signal - Advancing Environmental Seismology"

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Abstracts and applications for travel support for early career scientists
are now being accepted for the upcoming international workshop
"EnviroSeis: From Process to Signal - Advancing Environmental Seismology"

I have attached the second circular for the event, and summarized some
basic info below. Check out the workshop website for more details:

Event title: EnviroSeis: From process to signal – advancing environmental
Event location: Hotel Alpenblick, Ohlstadt, Germany
Event date: 6-9 June 2017

Second circular:
In this workshop we aim to discuss the current use of seismic techniques in
the study of the Earth’s surface and the processes that act upon it, a
field that we collectively refer to as ‘Environmental Seismology’. We
invite all scientists who already use or intend to use seismic techniques
to study geomorphological processes, the cryosphere, the weather, the
shallow subsurface, and other phenomena at or near the Earth’s surface.

Abstract submission open from now until March 13, 2017. Please see the
website for details about the abstract submission process as it is
different than usual.

Field trip: A fieldtrip after the workshop, June 9-10, will take
participants to the rockfall observatory Reintal (Zugspitze). More details
available on the website.

Kate Allstadt

Kate Allstadt
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USGS Geologic Hazards Science Center
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