Thread: AGU Session T028: New Insights On The Cascadia Subduction Zone From Offshore And Amphibious Studies

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Dear Colleagues:

We invite you to consider submitting an abstract to the AGU Fall Meeting
session on *New Insights On The Cascadia Subduction Zone From Offshore And
Amphibious Studies*

*Session Description:*

Subduction zones, one of Earth’s fundamental tectonic environments, play a
key role in many Earth processes. Consequently, they require study by
interdisciplinary methods. However, our understanding of subduction zones
has been limited by a lack of offshore and amphibious data. At the Cascadia
subduction zone, new data collected over the last several years have helped
close this gap, elucidating a wide range of new insights, including the
structure of the incoming lithosphere, the role of water and volatiles in
the subducting plate, asthenospheric flow above and below the subducting
lithosphere, the transition from locking to slipping behavior along the
plate interface, and the nature of episodic tremor and slip. We invite
contributions broadly related to Cascadia geoscience that focus on new
results from seismology, magnetotellurics, geodesy, geodynamics, hazards,
paleoseismology, geochemisty and petrology, with particular emphasis on
insights gained from the contribution of offshore and amphibious data.


*Helen A Janiszewski*, Columbia University of New York, Palisades, NY,
United States
*William Bythewood Hawley*, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley,
CA, United States, *Kerry Key*, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory,
Palisades, NY, United States
*Matthew James Cook*, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA,
United States

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