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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce AGU Fall Meeting session: *ED022 - Fighting for
Science: Methods to Engage the Public in Productive Discussion about

This session has been selected as a *Panel Format* allowing for more
discussion and Q&A. Our goal is to learn innovative ideas on engaging the
public in science literacy and advocacy and discuss ways to improve public
opinions of Geoscience. If we receive a large number of abstracts we may
also try to arrange a poster or oral session, in addition to the panel

*Session Description:* Scientific topics are more commonly being covered in
the news and discussed on social media, giving scientists new opportunities
to act as ambassadors for science literacy and advocacy in the public and
in policy. This session aims to compile innovative and successful efforts
that engage and address public opinions of Geoscience, including topics
like climate change, natural hazards, and energy. The goal is to learn
about the best practices for engaging the public including students in the
classroom, visitors to a museum, and friends on social media in productive
conversations about science. Respectful and effective discourse between
scientists and the public is paramount for the future of scientific
research in the US.

*Session Viewer Link:*

*Submission Deadline:* August 2

Stefany Sit, University of Illinois at Chicago
D'Arcy Meyer Dombard, University of Illinois at Chicago

Stefany Sit
Clinical Assistant Professor

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
The University of Illinois at Chicago

845 W. Taylor St. MC 186, Chicago, IL 60607-7059
312-413-1868 | ssit<at>

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