Thread: DI016: Slabs in the Mantle and the Fate of Subducted Material

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Dear colleagues,

Please consider submitting your abstracts to the AGU session DI016

Slabs in the Mantle and the Fate of Subducted Material

Subducting slabs are the primary source for chemical and thermal heterogeneity within the Earth’s mantle. They play a dominant role in Earth’s mass transport, and are the main drivers of flow in their surroundings and in global mantle convection. Constraining the behavior, chemistry, and physical properties of slabs is therefore crucial for insights into the overall evolution and dynamics of the Earth’s interior.

In this session, some key areas of interest are slab rheology and deformation, slab-mantle interaction (e.g., transition zone barrier), transport of water and volatiles to the deep mantle, subduction life-cycle including the slab graveyard, and separation of the oceanic crust with associated implications for mantle mixing and composition.

We welcome contributions from a wide range of disciplines including seismology, mineral and rock physics, petrology, geochemistry, and geodynamics. Speakers:

Scott King (Virginia Tech)

Zhongwen Zhan (Caltech)


Caroline Eakin, The Australian National University, Australia

Fabio Crameri, CEED, University of Oslo, Norway

Mainak Mookherjee, Florida State University, United States

We hope to see you in New Orleans!

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