Thread: AOGS 2018, SE03: Imaging the Earth: from data to interpretation

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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to our session "SE03: Imaging the Earth: from Data to interpretation" at the 2018 AOGS meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, on June 3-8, 2018. In this session, we invite all aspects related to seismic imaging of the Earth. The detailed session description is attached below.

Please go to the AOGS webpage ( to submit your abstract. The deadline of the submission is January 19.

Confirmed invited speakers:
- Shawn Wei (Scripps, UCSD)
- Yingjie Yang (Macquarie University)

Session conveners:
- Nori Nakata (University of Oklahoma)
- Fan-Chi Lin (University of Utah)
- Hsin-Hua Huang (Academia Sinca)


Session Description:
The main goal of seismic imaging is to infer the Earth's dynamics, composition, and evolution. Our view of the Earth is transforming - from crust to core, local to global scales, and past to future - thanks to the advent of high-density networks, new modeling techniques, and unprecedented High Performance Computing (HPC) capacity.

We invite presentations on all aspects related to seismic imaging. Studies focus on quantitative inferences of Earth dynamics and imaging methods that better determine spatial/temporal resolution, viscosity, anisotropy, density, and poro-elasticity are particularly encouraged. We also welcome presentations on new imaging techniques that harness large emerging data, original measurements, and modern computational resources. Topics like joint inversion of complementary geophysical datasets, forward and inverse modeling of full waveforms, ambient-noise correlations, earthquake source imaging, and probabilistic approaches will be gladly received.

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