Thread: ESC2018 - Call for Abstracts - Session S03: "From site selection to data publication through the Data Life Cycle in Seismology"

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Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to ESC2018 session S03: "From site
selection to data publication through the Data Life Cycle in Seismology":

ESC2018  will take place in Malta, 2-7 September 2018.

The deadline for abstract submission is 31/March/2018.

We look forward to receiving your abstracts and meeting you in Malta,

Damiano Pesaresi, Javier Quinteros, Helle Pedersen, Luca Trani, Maggie

S03 From site selection to data publication through the Data Life Cycle
in Seismology

Damiano Pesaresi, OGS Trieste, Italy, dpesaresi<at>
Javier Quinteros, GEOFON / Deutsches GFZ Potsdam, Germany,
Helle Pedersen, University of Grenoble, France,
Luca Trani, KNMI, Netherlands, luca.trani<at>
Maggie Hellström, ICOS / Lund University, Sweden,

Developments in seismological instrumentation, telecommunications and
power systems has allowed seismologist to exponentially increase the
number of seismic stations for high quality as well as cost effective
seismological observations. The innovation alongside with the very well
established standard data formats and real-time data exchange protocols
enabled the scientific community to explore new field of research and
have an ever growing treasure of digital seismological data. Thus,
operations of seismic networks and data centers, have shifted their
focus from the main challenge of acquiring high quality seismic data in
standard formats towards enhancing internal data management policies and
standard services on the downstream part to enable themselves and users
in dealing with the big data challenges. In this session, we expect
contributions related, but not limited to:
    All aspects of seismic station/network installation, operation.
This includes site selection; equipment testing and installation;
planning and implementing communication paths; development of efficient
power systems, etc.
    Integration of new instruments/observables in the seismological
community as well as new applications (e.g. Infrastructural monitoring,
Large-N, Deployments in extreme environmental conditions, etc.)
    Best practices for network operators and data centres producing data.
    Different approaches towards FAIR principles, including citation
and referencing.
    Data Policies and Curation activities related to data/metadata,
including provenance information, data models and metadata standards.
    Usage of persistent identifiers for datasets, instruments, and
other entities.
    Activities within European initiatives related to Data Management
and links to other disciplines

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