Thread: Announcement of ESC special session #30 - From source to site: understanding and modelling high-frequency attenuation

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Dear colleagues,
We're organizing a special session at the 2018 ESC meeting in Malta (the 36th General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission), where we’d like to bring together high frequencies from a seismological point of view (>1 Hz) and high frequencies from an engineering point of view (>5-10 Hz) in the context of attenuation. Whichever side of the spectrum you're on, we hope you will consider sending in an abstract and coming by the session to discuss!
Please see for the online submission form and more info on the meeting (abstract deadline is March 31).
This year, the ESC pays special attention to student and early-career presenters, so young researchers are especially welcome and encouraged to participate (bear in mind also the Young Seismologists’ Training Course and ESC/SSA grants which can cover the cost).
Thank you, and hope to see you in Malta!
Olga, Chris, and Benedikt
‘From source to site: understanding and modelling high-frequency attenuation of earthquake ground motion’

In this session, we would like to bring together the seismological and engineering communities to discuss high-frequency ground motion and its attenuation, as it may have significant impact on engineering design. Understanding and modelling ground motion at high frequencies is becoming an important issue in seismic hazard assessment and site-specific hazard, especially for critical facilities, where seismic response at 5-20 Hz may be crucial. Physics-based broadband simulations have been attempting to reach higher frequencies than ever before, while the empirical high-frequency attenuation factor kappa is gaining visibility. We welcome contributions related to modelling, be it physics-based or empirical, as well as spectral analysis studies and simulations that may shed light on the nature of high-frequency attenuation of earthquake ground motion, in particular parameter trade-offs and the relative contributions of source/path/site on high-frequency motions. Topics of interest include fmax, kappa, crustal attenuation, Q, site effects and rock site characterisation. The origin and physical components of kappa and fmax are still objects of debate, as are the relative effects of damping and scattering. Finally, the effect of high-frequency attenuation and its uncertainty on ground motion models and their adjustment is a very pertinent and timely question, particularly for moderate-to-low seismicity regions. This session therefore also welcomes results and experiences from recent projects that dealt with such issues.
Session conveners:
Olga-Joan Ktenidou (University of Greenwich, UK), o.ktenidou<at><o.ktenidou<at>>, olga.ktenidou<at><olga.ktenidou<at>>
Chris Van Houtte (GNS Science, New Zealand), c.vanhoutte<at><c.vanhoutte<at>>
Benedikt Halldorsson (University of Iceland & Geoscience Research Group), skykkur<at><skykkur<at>>

Olga-Joan Ktenidou, PhD
Senior lecturer
Department of Engineering Science
University of Greenwich

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