Thread: 2018 AGU Session T043: "Subduction Zone Processes, Orogenesis and Seismic Hazard: From the Alpine-Mediterranean to the Indo-Burma Region"

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Dear Colleagues,

We welcome submissions to this special AGU session on Subduction Zone Processes and Seismic Hazard:
T043: Subduction Zone Processes, Orogenesis and Seismic Hazard: From the Alpine-Mediterranean to the Indo-Burma Region

Invited Speakers:
Anne Replumaz, Université Grenoble-Alpes
Eric Sandvol, University of Missouri

Patricia Persaud, Louisiana State University
Francesca Di Luccio, INGV, Rome
Claudia Piromallo, INGV, Rome
Michael S Steckler, LDEO, Columbia University

Submissions from early-career scientists are strongly encouraged.
We look forward to seeing you in Washington, D.C. in December!

Patricia, Francesca, Claudia and Mike

Session ID: 47151
Session Description: This session aims to promote stimulating discussions on subduction zones and orogens and the evaluation of seismic hazard in these regions. The Alpine-Himalayan belt is characterized by several spatially limited, complex, highly heterogeneous and constantly evolving subduction zones in the Mediterranean. To the east, the structure and dynamics of the Indo-Burma subduction zone is quite poorly known. Revealing the dynamics of subduction systems along the Alpine-Himalayan orogenic belt is relevant to seismic hazard research due to the high population densities of these regions. We encourage authors to present novel data and innovative research based on multidisciplinary approaches. Research areas may include seismic imaging, surface and mantle processes, laboratory experiments and geodynamic modeling. We particularly encourage submissions that range from local to global scales, addressing any aspect of subduction-related and orogenic processes and their implications in subduction zones worldwide.

Patricia Persaud
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