Thread: S016: Heterogeneity and scaling relations impacting the geomechanical behavior of fault zones

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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting session S016:

Heterogeneity and scaling relations impacting the geomechanical behavior of fault zones

Session description:

Heterogeneities in sub-surface properties make life as a geoscientist particularly challenging, but also keep it interesting. Variations of the state of stress driving the occurrence of earthquakes result, amongst others, from heterogeneous frictional and elastic properties, fracture networks with power-law size distribution, and fracture roughness. All of these are considered important ingredients in current explanations of earthquake properties such as their magnitude-frequency relation, slip distribution, or clustering in space-time, and are routinely assumed as input parameters of numerical models. However, observational and experimental evidence for the actual distributions of these quantities is often elusive. In this session, we welcome submissions that take quantitative approaches to characterizing subsurface heterogeneity pertaining to the geomechanical properties influencing the earthquake process. These may include experimental, observational, or theoretical work on the statistics of geomechanical properties, earthquakes, faults, and the stress field. Specifically, we encourage submissions on all scales from grain-size to basins or larger.


Martin Schoenball (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Paul Selvadurai (ETH Zürich)

Patricia Martínez-Garzón (GFZ Potsdam)

Jamie Kirkpatrick (McGill University, Montreal)

Kind regards,

Martin Schoenball on behalf of all conveners


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