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Zhongwen Zhan
2018-07-10 17:15:36
Dear colleagues,

Please consider submitting abstracts to the below session at the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting:

DI018: Subducting Slabs in the Mantle
Subducting slabs are the primary source for chemical and thermal heterogeneity within the Earth's mantle. Their sinking dynamics is key in Earth's mass and heat transport since they drive the bulk downgoing flow in global mantle convection. Constraining the dimensions and physical properties (chemistry, temperature, mechanical resistance) of slabs is therefore crucial for insights into the overall evolution and dynamics of the Earth's interior.

In this session, some key areas of interest are slab geometries and thermal structures, slab rheology and deformation, intra-slab seismicity, fine-scale seismic structures of slab, chemistry budget for transport of surface elements to the deep mantle, slab dynamics in both upper and lower mantle, and linking slabs to the geologic surface records of their subduction.

We welcome contributions from a wide range of disciplines including seismology, mineral and rock physics, petrology, geochemistry, tectonics and geodynamics.

Invited speakers:
Valentina Magni, University of Oslo
Stephen Grand, University of Texas at Austin

Karin Sigloch : University of Oxford
Fanny Garel : Cardiff University
Sylvie Demouchy : Géosciences Montpellier
Zhongwen Zhan : CalTech Seismological Laboratory

Zhongwen Zhan

Assistant Professor of Geophysics
Seismological Laboratory
California Institute of Technology

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