Thread: AGU session T025: Interplay between seismic and aseismic slip: Implications for fault physics

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Dear colleagues,

As a reminder, the abstract submission deadline for the AGU Fall
Meeting is Wednesday, August 1st at 23:59 EDT. We invite contributions
to the following session co-organized by the Tectonophysics,
Seismology and Geodesy sections:

*T025: Interplay between seismic and aseismic slip: Implications for
fault physics*
Session ID#: 43301

*Invited speakers: *
Carl Tape, University of Alaska Fairbanks
André Niemeijer, Universiteit Utrecht

*Session Description:*
Faults at tectonic boundaries accommodate plate motion through an
array of seismic and aseismic modes of deformation. Even within these
categories, there are important differences among event slip
characteristics. For example, earthquakes exhibit variations in their
frequency content and tsunamigenic potential. Aseismic slip transients
are often, but not always, accompanied by tectonic tremor, and there
remains much to be understood about the relationship between aseismic
transients and earthquake nucleation. We invite contributions from
observational, experimental, geological and theoretical studies that
explore the variations in and interplay among seismic and aseismic
slip phenomena in various tectonic settings, including the following
questions: (1) Are different slip behaviors well separated in space,
or can the same fault areas experience different failure modes? (2) Is
there a systematic spatial or temporal relation between different slip
types? (3) What are the physical mechanisms that govern this complex

Valère Lambert, California Institute of Technology
Kathryn Materna, University of California Berkeley
Tomoaki Nishikawa, Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University
Yohei Hamada, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

We look forward to seeing you in Washington D.C.!

Valère Lambert

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