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Dear Colleagues,

We are glad to seek your kind attention and encourage your abstracts
submission in the upcoming 36th IGC ( to be held in New
Delhi, India during March 02-08, 2020.

*Session 41.8 : Hydrology and Reservoir Dynamics*
*Session Theme: **Quantification of Non-linear Geological Processes (**)*

*Session Description:*

Knowledge of hydrological processes and reservoir system is crucial for
comprehensive understanding of the hydrologic cycle including the water
quality analysis or management. Water is dynamic and strong solvent and it
possesses different qualities as encountered with various natural and
anthropogenic factors due to human activities or climate change. Modeling
the spatio-temporal reservoir dynamics and hydrological processes,
controlled by the complex systems of water supplying resources such as
lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, has always been encouraged by the global
hydrological community. Challenges still remain, in particular lack of
proper models and in situ measured data, uncertainty analysis due to
climate change and human activities, lack in knowledge of water exchange
processes, etc. This symposium aims to discuss these challenges and
recommend feasible solutions including latest technological developments in
the modeling of hydrological processes and changes in reservoir or river
system. We welcome theoretical and modeling work from pore to regional
scale as well as both laboratory and field experimental contributions
covering topics that include, but not limited to, simulation and modeling
of hydrological processes and relevant changes in rivers, reservoirs and
greater urbanized areas; hydrological model development and uncertainty
analysis; disturbance hydrology; change in hydrological processes and
reservoir system due to climate changes or human activity; critical water
resource issues including reservoir operations and river flooding; advances
in hydrogeophysics for reservoir characterization; case studies.

Giorgio Cassiani, Italy
Shib S Ganguli, India

*Important Dates:*

We anticipate your participation in the 36th IGC.

*Best regards,*

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