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Vashan D Wright
2019-07-10 17:00:19
Dear Colleagues:

AGU has begun accepting abstracts for its Fall 2019 Meeting in San Francisco. We want to draw your attention to the session entitled 'Time-lapse and Baseline Geophysical Studies in Coastal Areas and Floodplains'.

This session welcomes:

* Studies of natural and human-induced temporal changes in the near-subsurface, especially in coastal areas at the transition between land and sea

* Studies focusing on quantifying changes in groundwater quality, water storage and, geotechnical and agricultural soil conditions within densely populated coastal areas such as the floodplains of large rivers

* Studies of longer-term evolutionary sediment physical properties change that add a baseline context for understanding and modeling modern processes within the near-surface

* Studies that emphasize the integration of geophysical and or computational, theoretical or field-based methods to capture multi-scale heterogeneity of subsurface conditions in both space and time

* Studies focused on using integrated near-surface geophysical data to improve predictive models for the management of the nexus of rivers and coasts

The deadline for abstract submissions is July 31 23:59 EDT. Please pass this email on to others who might be interested in contributing to this session. Questions concerning this session can be directed to Vashan Wright (vwright1<at><vwright1<at>>).

Vashan Wright
Juan Lorenzo

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