Thread: AGU Fall meeting 2019 - Session DI004 - Coupling the deep mantle and core

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Dear colleagues,

We invite you to submit an abstract to our cross-disciplinary session on core-mantle interactions:

DI004 - Coupling the deep mantle and core: reconciliation of observations, experiments and numerical modelling
at the AGU Fall Meeting 2019 (December 9-13) in San Francisco, CA.

Session link:

Primary Section:
Study of Earth's Deep Interior

Confirmed invited speakers:
Chris Davies (University of Leeds)
Maria Tsekhmistrenko (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)

Advances in observational, numerical and experimental techniques have led to an improved understanding of deep Earth dynamics. However, a complete description still evades current scientific apprehension with many crucial details remaining unclear. Open questions within this field include: What is the origin and composition of heterogeneities throughout the mantle, outer core and inner core? What impact do these heterogeneities have on our understanding of mantle and core dynamics? How does this correlate with the observed geomagnetic field evolution? Theoretical and numerical models provide important approaches for parallel research, which offer effective means to synthesize satellite, seismic, geochemical and paleomagnetic data, producing a more complete understanding of deep Earth dynamics. This session welcomes contributions on high-resolution geochemical/geophysical observations, geo/paleomagnetic measurements and laboratory experiments as well as numerical simulations and theory that provide insight into the dynamical coupling between the deep mantle and core.

Abstract submission deadline:
31st July 2019

Best regards,

Zhou Zhang (University of California San Diego)
Mingming Li (Arizona State University)
Colin Michael Hardy (University of Leeds)
Paula Koelemeijer (University College London)

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