Thread: Submit your forward-looking subduction zone science to AGU SZ4D vision session T-051

Started: 2019-07-24 17:17:41
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We invite submissions to an interdisciplinary session planned to showcase examples of leading-edge time series and process-oriented subduction-zone research as is intended to be a hallmark of the nascent SZ4D Initiative.

Please consider submitting abstracts on any aspect of subduction zone science that highlights new observational capability or methods, modeling of active processes related to earthquakes, volcanoes, and earth surface evolution, and time-series spanning seconds to millions of years.

T051 - Subduction Zone Observation through Time and Space: Path to an SZ4D Initiative on the Science of Subduction Hazards

Subduction zone processes produce volcanic unrest, megathrust earthquakes, and shape land- and seascapes associated with plate convergence over seconds to millions of years. New technologies, including ocean-bottom and conventional seismometer networks, on- and off-shore geodetic networks, high-resolution imaging of subduction zone geomorphology, continuous multi-parameter instrumentation of volcanoes, as well as novel geochronologic, paleoseismologic, and geologic approaches, will all be critical to advancing new discoveries. At the same time, new modeling capabilities that integrate geologic and geophysical observations will be required to understand them and to develop and test hypotheses about subduction zone processes spanning human and geologic time scales. Submissions that highlight present and emerging observational capability, data acquisition, and modeling across a wide range of disciplines are welcomed. The session will also explore new research directions that promise to produce substantial advances in our holistic understanding and forecasting of subduction-related hazards in the coming decade.


Harold J Tobin University of Washington
George E Hilley Stanford University
Diana C. Roman Carnegie Institution for Science
Emily E Brodsky University of California Santa Cruz

Co-organized by Tectonophysics / Geodesy / Volcanology, Geochemistry and Petrology / Earth and Planetary Surface Processes

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