Thread: S012: Geophysical & Planetary Acoustics: Natural to Anthropogenic on Earth and Beyond

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We are pleased to announce a broad, cross discipline infrasound session for
the 2020 AGU Meeting "Geophysical & Planetary Acoustics: Natural to
Anthropogenic on Earth and Beyond".

The 2020 AGU Meeting is currently planned to be an online-only meeting,
with poster and oral sessions that will span multiple time zones. We hope
this unique meeting structure will facilitate discussion among
international collaborators within the infrasound community.

The deadline for the abstract submission is *29 Jul 2020*.

We are looking forward to your participation in this session and the AGU

Yours sincerely,

Fransiska, Stephen, Siddharth, and Alex

*Session S012:* Geophysical & Planetary Acoustics: Natural to Anthropogenic
on Earth and Beyond

*Submit an abstract here: *

Low frequency acoustic ("infrasound") sensors can capture signals from both
natural (volcanoes, earthquakes, severe storms, bolides, gravity-driven
flows etc.) and anthropogenic (chemical and nuclear explosions, wind
turbines, dams, etc.) sources. The recent detection of Martian infrasound
via the InSight lander has highlighted the scientific dividends of acoustic
monitoring on other solar system bodies as well. Recorded signals are
frequently leveraged for national and global security applications such as
detonation detection, as well as civil and scientific applications such as
atmospheric studies and natural hazard monitoring.

This session is dedicated to highlighting the depth and breadth of studies
of acoustic waves on the Earth and beyond. We invite submissions detailing
recent science results and research advances in infrasound, seismoacoustic,
and similar multi-phenomenological research. Presentations that explore
observations and/or interpretations of acoustic phenomena, existing and
emerging source and propagation models, advances in instrumentation and
signal analysis techniques are welcome.

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