Thread: 2020 AGU Session on Volatiles in Earth's Mantle

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Cara Vennari
2020-07-13 17:10:47
Dear all,

The submission deadline is drawing near for abstracts at 2020 AGU Fall Meeting. We would like to encourage your participation in our session, which is focused on volatiles in the Earth’s interior:

Session Title: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Understanding Volatiles in Earth's Mantle
Section: Study of the Earth's Deep Interior (DI002)

Session Description: Volatiles are fundamental to the physical, chemical, and biological evolution of the Earth. The mantle is a large reservoir for volatiles and plays an important role in volatile cycling between Earth systems. Even at low concentrations, such storage exerts key controls over the physical properties of the mantle that shape the geodynamic processes. Despite their importance, volatile contents in and fluxes in and out the mantle remain poorly constrained. Our knowledge of the volatile content and movement in the mantle stems from both direct and indirect observations of volatiles in igneous and metamorphic rocks, high pressure and temperature experiments and simulations, numerical models of mantle convection, and seismic observations. This session aims to bring together interested parties that draw observations from the surface with those who study the system at depth. We invite contributions multiple disciplines including, volcanology, geochemistry, mineral physics, seismology, and geodynamics.

Invited Presenters: Wendy Panero (Ohio State University) and Krister S. Karlsen (University of Oslo)

Conveners: Dan Rasmussen (Smithsonian NMNH), Doug Wiens (Washington University), Megan Duncan (Virginia Tech), and Cara Vennari (University of Chicago)

The AGU abstract portal is open for submissions and the deadline is July 29th. To submit an abstract and to get more information about this session, visit

We look forward to (virtually) seeing you!

Cara Vennari

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