Thread: AGU session T021 on the recent advances and future directions in studying the tectonics and geodynamics of Africa

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Dear colleagues and friends,

For those of you interested in the tectonics and geodynamics of Africa, please consider submitting your abstract to the following AGU session (abstracts submission deadline is 29th of July):

Session title:
T021. Recent Advances and Future Directions in Studying the Tectonics and Geodynamics of Africa

Session description:
The African continent comprises of vast cratonic fragments that have gone through a series of amalgamation and rifting processes which have led to the formation of orogenic belts and rift basins of unique characteristics. However, many regions in Africa have always represented a gap in the global tectonic context due to limited geological, geophysical, and geochemical observations. This gap has hindered the advancement of our understanding of the Earth's evolution and key aspects of the dynamics of global plate tectonics.

This session welcomes interdisciplinary contributions from geological, geophysical, and geochemical studies on both regional and local scales, that are focused on the intracratonic, orogenic, or the continental rift domains in Africa. This includes, but is not limited to, studies that bring new insights into the relatively unexplored regions or make innovative use of public-domain datasets and models to advance our understanding of the tectonics and geodynamics of the African lithosphere.

Invited presenters:
Mohamed Abdelsalam (Oklahoma State University)
Sarah Stamps (Virginia Tech University)

Islam Fadel (University of Twente)
Folarin Kolawole (University of Oklahoma)
Mohamed Sobh (Freiberg University)
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