Thread: AGU Session - Continuous GNSS and Seismic Networks: New results and novel uses of ANET, GNET, and GLISN data

Started: 2020-07-27 10:09:04
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Dear colleagues:

Please consider submitting an abstract to the AGU fall meeting 2020 session:
C009 - Continuous GNSS and seismic networks: New results and novel uses of ANET, GNET, and GLISN data.

Submit here until 29 July 2020:

Session description:
Networks of GNSS and seismic instrumentation were deployed in Antarctica and Greenland as part of, and following, the International Polar Year. The science goals of the networks included understanding the behavior of the ice sheets and postglacial rebound in response to a warming climate, and the data were anticipated to be of high utility for additional science topics. This session focuses on new results and novel uses of data from long-term GNSS and seismic networks, with a focus on the POLENET arrays (ANET, the Antarctic Network, and GNET, the Greenland Network) and GLISN. We invite contributions that present partially or fully interchangeable applications between Greenland and Antarctica. The session will emphasize innovative uses of the existing datasets and consider priorities for augmentation of the networks, with additional sites or new instrumentation.

Kelly Brunt
Robert Hawley
Terry Wilson
Meredith Nettles

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