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Dear Colleagues,

(1) AGU Fall Meeting Call for Session Proposals (by 14 April, 2021 23:59 EDT/03:59 +1 GMT)

Please consider submitting a Session Proposal to Seismology for the AGU Fall Meeting 2021;!!HXCxUKc!lekjiCNU1sKwoOiyIksPR3-ucYCYy7GW-5GgV1y6rX7RydokUdnxylriNvJ0un1m$>, which is planned to be a "hybrid" meeting, aimed to optimize both in-person and worldwide virtual participation and to present a best-in-class experience for all attendees.

We are accepting proposals for:

* General scientific sessions*GENERAL__;Iw!!HXCxUKc!lekjiCNU1sKwoOiyIksPR3-ucYCYy7GW-5GgV1y6rX7RydokUdnxylriNiYlV_TO$>- Includes discussion sessions (covering oral and eLightning sessions), poster discussion and panels.
* Union & special sessions*UNION__;Iw!!HXCxUKc!lekjiCNU1sKwoOiyIksPR3-ucYCYy7GW-5GgV1y6rX7RydokUdnxylriNqY7SZfy$>- Includes Union sessions and innovative sessions.
* Town halls*TOWNHALLS__;Iw!!HXCxUKc!lekjiCNU1sKwoOiyIksPR3-ucYCYy7GW-5GgV1y6rX7RydokUdnxylriNnXVH-i4$>
* Scientific workshops*SCIENTIFICWORKSHOPS__;Iw!!HXCxUKc!lekjiCNU1sKwoOiyIksPR3-ucYCYy7GW-5GgV1y6rX7RydokUdnxylriNv3XFLNy$>

For more information on session proposals, please check out the AGU website:

Or this hands-on manual made by our Seismology Section:

You can also check the submitted sessions this year (2021)< and the submitted sessions last year (2020)<

Proposers can be from any career stage and we encourage a diverse group of conveners. When we think about diversity, it's everything from race, geographic region, ethnicity and gender, but also opinion, age and science. Please consider submitting a proposal if you are an early career scientist or consider including an early career scientist in your proposal.

(2) Applications open for Paros Scholarship (graduate students)

The Paros Scholarships are in their second year and were established through the generosity of Jerome M. Paros to support graduate students with a demonstrated interest in geophysical instrumentation and precise field measurements in seismology, atmospheric sciences, or ocean sciences. This $5000 scholarship is awarded to three students each year (apply by 15 April).

For more information and to apply, please check out the AGU website:

On behalf of the Seismology AGU Fall Meeting Program Committee,

Qinya Liu (liuqy<at>
Alice-Agnes Gabriel (gabriel<at>
and Early Career Member,
Jiaqi Li (lijiaqi9<at>

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