Thread: AGU 2021 Session V030 - Volcano Seismology and Acoustics: Recent Advances in Understanding Volcanic Processes

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Dear colleagues,

We seek your participation in our AGU 2021 Fall Meeting session focused on
the study of volcanic processes through seismology and acoustics. Please
consider submitting your abstract to our session and joining us either
in-person or virtually at the AGU 20201 Fall Meeting in New Orleans. The
deadline for submission is August 4.

V030 - Volcano Seismology and Acoustics: Recent Advances in Understanding
Volcanic Processes
Link to session:

Invited presenters:
Kristín Jónsdóttir (Icelandic Met Office)
Alex Witsil (University of Alaska Fairbanks)

Session description:
Hazardous phenomena at volcanoes includes ash plumes, gas emissions,
explosions, pyroclastic density currents, lava flows, lahars, and mass
wasting. All of these processes produce seismic and infrasound signals that
can provide key real-time information for assessing hazardous surface
activity. We can also gain insights into the activity state of volcanoes by
identifying and tracking the movement of subsurface magma and hydrothermal
fluids using seismicity and seismic imaging techniques. Recent advances in
hardware technology and data analysis have promoted more precise
characterization and quantification of the physical mechanisms leading to
and producing hazardous volcanic phenomena. Nevertheless, volcano
seismology and acoustics remains a rapidly developing area of research. We
welcome submissions that present new seismic and acoustic observations,
interpretations, models, instrumentation, or techniques that improve our
understanding of volcanic processes and assist future monitoring efforts.

Weston Thelen
Alex Iezzi
Helen Janiszewski
Oliver Lamb

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