Thread: AGU 2021 - Session DI021 - Unusual subduction processes

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Caroline Eakin
2021-07-13 01:22:34
Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to submit to our interdisciplinary session on "Unusual Subduction Processes" (DI021) at the AGU Fall Meeting from 13–17th December 2021, New Orleans, USA & Online.

Session Description:

Subduction drives plate tectonics and is our planet’s largest recycling system. It regulates mass exchange between Earth’s interior and exterior and has a central role in shaping the planetary surface. Despite progress in our understanding of subduction zones important questions remain regarding slab dynamics and the interactions with the overriding plate. Further progress requires a better understanding of the links between slab geometries and subducting-overriding plate interactions as constrained from geochemistry, seismology, and geodynamic modeling. Unusual slab morphologies and processes such as slab tearing, lithospheric delamination, STEP fault propagation and anomalous arc volcanism all highlight aspects of the overall subduction dynamics and the subducting-overriding plate memory in particular. These processes are key to understanding how subduction and plate tectonics operate. In this session we invite contributions from all disciplines including geodynamics, seismology, geochemistry and mineral physics in a common effort to advance the understanding of subduction processes and dynamics

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

* Ágnes Király (CEED, University of Oslo)
* S. Shawn Wei (University of Michigan)

We look forward to seeing you (either in person or virtually) in New Orleans!

Kind regards,

Antoniette G. Grima
Caroline Eakin
Silvia Brizzi
George Cooper

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