Thread: collaboration opportunities for SCOPED project (NSF CSSI)

Started: 2021-09-10 05:03:56
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Dear seismology community:

We are introducing a new NSF CSSI project entitled SCOPED: Seismic COmputational Platform for Enabling Discovery. The four-year project will be centered at five institutions having opportunities for postdocs or students.

image of team/project:


The SCOPED project goal is to establish a novel hybrid cloud+HPC computational platform for use by the broader scientific community that combines large-scale processing and modeling of seismic data with a suite of open-source seismic codes.

We are asking anyone who might be interested in applying for a postdoc or participating in the project to answer a few questions in the following survey:

We are asking to receive survey responses by Monday, September 20th. Thank you for your time.

Carl Tape, University of Alaska
Ebru Bozdag, Colorado School of Mines
Marine Denolle, University of Washington
Felix Waldhauser, Columbia University
Ian Wang, Texas Advanced Computing Center (University of Texas)

Carl Tape
Associate Professor
Geophysical Institute (office 413D)
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Email: ctape<at>
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