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Active Message Threads for October 2022

Bruce Beaudoin
2022-10-06 20:37:59
Institution: IRIS PASSCAL Instrument Center Open Until: 2023-01-31 The IRIS PASSCAL Instrument Center at New Mexico Tech seeks a Hardware Specialist to assist with testing and maintaining our suite of geophysical equipment. JOB DUTIES: Responsibilities include support of hardware engineering staff. Assist with testing seismic and ancillary equipment. Work in warehouse packing, prep and inspection of equipment for shipping. Assist with testing of non-pool or in house testing equipment. Ass… [more]
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Bruce Beaudoin
2022-10-06 20:32:15
Institution: IRIS PASSCAL Instrument Center Open Until: 2023-01-31 The IRIS PASSCAL Instrument Center at New Mexico Tech seeks two engineers to join our hardware team, supporting the development of innovative solutions for testing equipment and supporting PASSCAL projects, both internally and in the field. JOB DUTIES: Core responsibilities are to support routine testing of PASSCAL equipment and supporting PASSCAL engineering projects primarily in the lab and in the field as needed. Duties… [more]
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Institution: University of Rhode Island, USA Open Until: 2023-05-01 The Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island seeks a motivated PhD student in the field of marine seismology and geophysics. The selected student will study the mantle plume – spreading center interaction near the Galapagos. The student will participate in the deployment and recovery of ocean-bottom seismometers ( and collaborate wi… [more]
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Thomas H Goebel (thgoebel)
2022-10-05 17:38:11
Director, Center for Earthquake Research and Information The University of Memphis College of Arts and Sciences is searching for Director, Center for Earthquake Research and Information (CERI). The Director is the administrative head of a Tennessee Center of Excellence (COE) research center that functions as an independent academic unit within the College of Arts and Sciences housing the MS and PhD Concentration in Geophysics of the Earth Sciences graduate program. CERI has academic and res… [more]
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Gabrielle Tepp
2022-10-05 17:36:59
Institution: Caltech/Southern California Seismic Network Open Until: 2022-12-31 Caltech is hiring a full-time Network Engineer to work with the Southern California Seismic Network. The position is based in Pasadena, CA. Job Summary Under general direction, this position manages system level networking of routers, switches, gateways, bridges and firewalls. The Network Engineer working from the Caltech campus in Pasadena also configures the field hardware such as dataloggers, cell modems, … [more]
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Olive Sierra Boyd
2022-10-04 13:56:23
The UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory operates a network of geophysical stations in northern California to collect data in real time, to support the delivery of earthquake information to state and federal stakeholders and the public, including earthquake early warning, and to provide data for research. In collaboration with the USGS Earthquake Management Project, the BSL jointly operates the northern California component of the USGS Advanced National Seismic System to provide public earthqua… [more]
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We are excited to announce that we are recruiting at least 11 funded graduate students for Fall 2023 enrollment in climate-related sciences across multiple departments and interdisciplinary programs at Colorado School of Mines. These opportunities span a range of climate disciplines and research questions, including physical oceanography, paleoclimate, hydrology, atmospheric science, glaciology, geophysics, and technology development. The priority application deadline for Mines is December 15, … [more]
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Ben Fernando
2022-10-02 21:29:25
The InSight Science Team are now recruiting the fifth (and likely final) round of InSightSeers for our observers program. InSight is a NASA-led Mars geophysical mission - see <> for more details. The InSightSeers (penultimate/final year PhD students and postdocs within 5 years of doctoral completion) will be invited to attend our Science Team Meeting in London, England, from 13-18 November 2022 in person. The application form can … [more]
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