Thread: Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Research Leadership Position at Air Force Research Lab (AFRL)

Started: 2021-09-17 21:46:53
Last activity: 2021-09-17 21:46:53
The AFRL Nuclear Explosion Monitoring (NEM) Research program (at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque NM) has an early-to-mid-career Air Force civil service opening for a program leadership position in seismology and related fields (potentially including data science) for NEM research.

The Air Force Research Lab is accepting applications until 1 October 2021 through the AF STEM Job Board posting

AFRL’s NEM program provides basic & applied research that supports significant capability improvements in Air Force nuclear explosion monitoring for underground tests. The program works with the variety of related global scientific communities in academia, other government agencies and labs, and commercial sector scientists. These communities range from monitoring seismology to seismic hazard, and on to basic NSF research on earth structure/wave propagation, the source physics of earthquakes and explosions, and to other related fields such as infrasound, hydroacoustic, InSAR and machine learning. The program funds research, collaborates with other NEM-related programs, and conducts some in-house research.

For more detailed information on the position and the program, please use the link to the Job Board posting (above). Use the Apply button at the posting to submit application material.

There is likely to be at least one additional opening in the near future: we will provide information when that happens.

Please contact Rick Schult (frederick.schult<at> if there are any questions not answered by the posting.

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