Thread: Postdoctoral Fellowship in high resolution earthquake catalogs (ML)

Started: 2021-09-23 21:40:21
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2021-09-23 21:40:21
Institution: The University of Texas at Austin
Open Until: 2021-12-31

The Texas Seismological Network Monitoring and Research Program (TexNet) at the University of Texas at Austin is interested to hire a postdoctoral fellow for one year with possible extension to a second year.

The postdoctoral fellow will conduct earthquake analysis research for the TexNet program. That includes: (a) analysis of the TexNet earthquake catalog, and relocation of seismicity using cross correlation methods. (b) using signal processing methods to identify dependence of resulted catalogs to initial data set (e.g. influence of workflow, inactive areas become active), and (c) application of ML to TexNet ground motion data to detect and locate seismicity.

Responsibilities are:
1. Create high resolution catalogs for seismicity characterization.
2. Estimate the dependence of cross correlation earthquake catalogs on initial catalogs.
3. Define the optimal network geometries for high resolution cross correlation and relative relocation catalogs.
4. Publish results of research.

Required Qualifications are:
PhD in Geophysics or Engineering. Experience in signal processing and earthquake location. Good knowledge on software programming. Experience with one of the earthquake analysis software (e.g. Antelope, SeisComP) and earthquake location codes (e.g. NLL, HypoDD). PhD must have been received within three years from the date of hire.

Required Materials
Three work references with their contact information.
Letter of interest

This position is located at the J.J. Pickle Research Center in North Austin.

For any questions please contact Alexandros Savvaidis at alexandros.savvaidis<at>
You can apply for the position using the link below:

Alexandros Savvaidis, Ph.D., Research Scientist
Manager and PI of TexNet
Bureau of Economic Geology
John A. and Katherine G. Jackson School of Geosciences
Austin, TX 78712-8924
Phone: (512) 475-9549

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