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Creasy, Neala Marie
2022-07-20 17:08:29
Dear all colleagues,
Please consider submitting an abstract to the following 2022 AGU session on interdisciplinary investigations of the lower mantle. The meeting will be held on Dec 12-16, 2022, in Chicago, USA & Online. Deadline for submission is August 3rd, 2022.
DI015: Toward an Interdisciplinary Understanding on the Structure, Composition, and Dynamic Evolution of the Lower Mantle
Here you can find the detailed description and submission link:;!!Bt8fGhp8LhKGRg!CuJfnkOw3X6MP2fyAf5sFtUP_0XQer0vZZgJinoZ2ZlZ6X64_2mSuV7w6C7QPqiom9V7EBizM08_J6Z3GGIlhYSHclQ$>
Session description:
Earth’s lower mantle regulates heat and material fluxes between the surface and the core. The chemistry and physics of this region play an important role in controlling processes like Earth’s early differentiation into the mantle and core, evolution of geochemical reservoirs, fates of subducting slabs and rising plumes, and deep rock/volatile cycling. However, many questions remain about the long-term evolution of the lower mantle and its present-day thermochemical structures, such as large low velocity provinces, ultra-low velocity zones, and regions of seismic anisotropy. Recent advances and future breakthroughs on understanding the lower mantle critically depend on the integration of different fields. In this session, we invite contributions from geophysical explorations, geodynamic modeling, geochemistry, mineral-physics experimental and theoretical studies, as well as multidisciplinary approaches, to provide a platform for interdisciplinary interactions, and thus to advance our understanding of the thermal and chemical status of Earth’s deep interior.
Invited presenters:
Hauke Marquardt (The University of Oxford)
Juliane Dannberg (University of Florida)

Kind regards from the conveners:
Suyu Fu, Neala Creasy, Vasilije Dobrosavljevic, Anna Gülcher, Jyotirmoy Paul

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