Thread: AGU session T008: Frictional, geological, and geophysical signatures of fault healing

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Dear colleagues,

Please consider submitting an abstract to our AGU session focused on the role of fault healing in the seismic cycle: T008. Frictional, geological, and geophysical signatures of fault healing: Mechanisms and implications for deformation during the earthquake cycle Abstracts are due on 3 August 2022.

Session description:

Fault healing or restrengthening is a necessary component of the seismic cycle. Parameters such as stress, temperature, fluids, fluid pressures, lithology, and fault maturity influence the magnitude and underlying mechanisms causing faults to restrengthen. Probing links between interseismic healing and fault slip modes is key to a better physical understanding of earthquake mechanics. This session focuses on geological and geophysical observations of fault healing in nature as well as frictional healing in the (experimental and numerical) laboratory. We welcome interdisciplinary and multi-scale studies of healing that use one or more techniques including but not limited to microscopy, high-speed friction experiments, numerical modeling of fault friction, and time-lapse tomography in the field. We envision the session will stimulate discussions surrounding mechanisms of healing down to the grain/asperity scale, and what this means for the diversity of slip modes (aseismic creep and slow slip to dynamic ruptures) observed at fault zones globally.

Invited speakers:

Kristina Okamoto (UC Santa Cruz)

Randolph Williams (Univ. Wisconsin – Madison)

Best regards,

Srisharan Shreedharan (UT Inst. Geophysics)

Caroline Seyler (UT Inst. Geophysics)

Behrooz Ferdowsi (Univ. Houston)

Alexis Ault (Utah State University)

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