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Started: 2023-01-24 05:57:44
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Manochehr Bahavar
2023-01-24 05:57:44
The EarthScope Data Products Unit is pleased to announce the beta release
of three Observable EMC notebooks to complement its existing data discovery
and visualization tools. Observable is an interactive JavaScript coding
platform for data exploration and visualization. These Observable notebooks
are flexible, customizable, and run exclusively in the browser with no
other software required. All computation is performed in the browser

Highlights of the notebooks included in this release:

• The Repository Explorer—enables users to interactively search for models
in the EMC repository based on the model’s geographic coverage, parameters,
or keywords. Information on the model's coverage area, summary description,
variables list, link to the corresponding reference article, and link to
the EMC’s detail page is available through this notebook.

• The Horizontal Slicer—is a flexible tool for quickly visualizing
horizontal slices from the EMC-compatible models. The model could be either
inputted from the user's local disk or forwarded by the Repository Explorer
notebook. Optional auxiliary data such as the global active faults, plate
boundaries, earthquake distribution, and volcano locations could also be
superimposed on the model plots. This notebook currently supports 2D and 3D
models under the netCDF 3 format.

• The netCDF Reader—is a helper notebook for users who want to customize
the EMC Observable notebooks or develop their own Observable notebooks to
work with the EMC-compatible netCDF files. This notebook currently supports
the netCDF 3 format and provides utility functions and guides for reading
and extracting information from the netCDF files in Observable notebooks.


Repository Explorer:

Horizontal Slicer:

netCDF Reader:

EarthScope Data Discovery Tools:

EMC Repository:


We encourage our community to use Observable Comments to post questions
directly in each notebook. Instructions on how to use comments can be found
at the following link.>

Thank you,

EarthScope Data Product Unit

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