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How this query works

This is a very simple query of the station or channel comments table. (Comments are part of SEED Blockette 52 and include any optional comments about a station or channel that the network operator cares to supply.) Some query rules:

  • Select which table you would like to query - station or channel (station is the default).
  • You must enter a value in at least one of the fields.
  • You may use wildcards.
  • You may use multiple entries in one parameter box (example: you may enter IU,II,IC in the network code parameter box). Do not put spaces around the commas.
  • Network SY (synthetics) results are not included unless SY is explicitly listed as a Network.
  • A comma is used to separate query entries so you may not search for a comma.
  • Start and end times :
    • Time entries must contain a year, month and day. You may not enter a partial time like month and year.
    • If you do not enter any time parameters, the query will be for all time.
    • If you enter a start and end time, the query will be for that time period.
    • If you enter a start time but no end time, the query will be from that time to the present.
    • If you enter an end time but no start time, the query will be all entries before the specified end time.